Kombucha is a health and wellness tea that has been celebrated in the far east for over 2000 years. It truly is the oldest "new-age” drink in the world. Known by many cultures as the “fountain of youth elixir” and “food of the gods”, Kombucha is hailed (but not proven)to benefit a multitude of bodily functions, ailments, and diseases such as; liver function, digestive function, vitamin/nutrient assimilation, arthritis, IBS, acid reflux, weight control, appetite control, restore body alkalinity, cell regeneration and integrity, management of autoimmune disorders, blood cleanse, sustaining energy, mood and clarity, healthy integuments (skin, hair, nails), acne, yeast infections, alcohol detox relief (hangovers!), as well as being a wonderful beverage for the bellies of children. After experiencing fresh Kombucha tea, it is only natural that you may undergo a slight sense of euphoria, well-being, and functionality.

The Kombucha organism is a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast) that form a strong membrane that covers the liquid/air interface of the container it grows in. This is referred to as the “mother” culture. This culture, resembling a pancake, is placed in a batch of sweetened organic green, black, or herbal tea, covered, and fermented for 14-17 days. During this time, the culture converts the tea and sugar into a tart elixir of viable active enzymes and amino acids producing one of the most powerful revitalizing beverages in the microbial world. The tea also becomes home to billions of lactose free probiotics that help to regulate digestive system functions.


Does Kombucha contain sugar or caffeine?

Within the first 10 days of fermentation almost all of the caffeine & sugar contained in tea have been utilized by the culture and converted to healthy nutrient sources. The end product has very little left, however, both are essential for the production of amino acid, probiotics, & healthy culture consistency.

Does Kombucha contain alcohol?

Traditionally brewed Kombucha is that of a vinegar ferment which utilizes air to live & grow. It is similliar to apple cider vinegar & kimchi but different from traditional beer & wine fermentations. Bucha Bill’s Kombucha does not contain high glycemic fruit juices which have been linked to elevated alcohol content in kombucha.

What are the floating particles?

Strands and particles in the tea are a part of its probiotic content & occur naturally in real Kombucha. It is similar to other fermented products such as yogurt. The probiotics in the tea can help to re-balance intestinal micro flora for a healthier, happier gut.

Is Kombucha a mushroom?

No, The Kombucha organism is classified as a SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria & Yeast). Kombu-tea is known by some “farrr-out” people as Mushroom Tea, this name is based on the appearance & shape of the culture as it grows & has nothing to do with its chemical or physical properties.

Can Kombucha cure my ailments?

Kombucha is a wonderful superfood to add to any diet. Its use helps the body heal naturally by boosting immunity & energy. Kombucha is also a powerful detoxifier & plays a large roll in body alkalinity. It is not intended to cure any disease or illness.


H2O is #1! Our bodies consist of 70% water & too much of anything can turn a positive into a negative so always remember to drink plenty of water when supplementing with, or detoxifying from anything.



My journey with Kombucha Tea began in 2007 while researching the benefits of raw superfoods and age-old ferments on the living body. I received my first bucha from a friend upon the diagnosis of my own digestive sensitivities to gluten & dairy. She mentioned that it had a ton of probiotics making it a wonderful raw food supplement for the digestive system. She also said that it acted as a sustainable energy source & made her skin glow! I eyed the weird/fizzy elixir and needless to say after my first couple of sips my tummy & mouth were both speaking “KOMBUCHA” and have been ever since. I received a starter mother culture within a few weeks & began sharing the tea with friends and family whenever the possibile. Now after an evolution of 250 generations and 20,000 bottles of kombucha, it’s my sincere privilege to share this apotheosis with my local community and culture at large.

I believe that Kombucha is an alchemical ferment with many different ways to achieve a desired result. My desired result is strong traditional kombucha with little to no sugar remaining. I flavor with fresh ginger, wildcraft extracts, and USDA organic flavors that are sugar and gluten free. My bottled kombucha is fresh, local, and never watered down with high glycemic juices.

I believe that “culture” pertaining to the food that we eat should be thought of as a local endevor. Be aware of what you consume. Know where it comes from and how long it takes to get to your plate. Support local endeavors and educate others in doing so. Conscious Communities Thrive!

I believe in deeply rooted personal ritual, taking time for the body to digest.. to breathe.. and to simply feel the elements that occur in our internal and external environment. It is very important to have a symbolic dialog with higher self and express thankfulness. Remember that you are also humbled by the food that nourishes you.

Cheers & Namaste

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